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Body reset

reset, runningI really hate using the words "starting over" or "reset," but in the past week I feel like my body has been telling me something. Around the middle of last week I felt some discomfort in my right hip. It didn't hurt when I ran, but it instead bothered me when I was doing core work as part of my core streak.

Instead of pushing through a streak that was becoming more mental than physical, I stopped for the sake of my health. After a great 14-mile run Saturday, I continued to not have any issues with that area. I ended up taking the rest of the weekend off without doing core and actually feel better because of it.

I started thinking of what I need to do with core and "other" things and I realize that I need to go back to the drawing board. A streak isn't the answer, nor is just a little bit of this or that.

I think it took attempting a streak to make me realize something I knew already: I need to dedicate 2-3 days a week to more focused core workouts. In addition to realizing all that, I faced some crazy tiredness this weekend after getting hungry during that long run.

While it was a great long run, the last two miles were rough. I didn't fuel properly the day before and I was out of my usual Clif bars the morning of the run.

Combine that with continued high humidity, getting up earlier for runs in the past two months, and staying up later watching the Olympics recently and you have a recipe for exhaustion.

Yesterday was one of those days in which I could not stay awake. Today, though, is one of those days in which I know I've done the right things.

There are now less than 12 weeks to go to the Richmond Marathon and I have to get these things right quickly.