living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.


I've been reading a lot today about Boston and the marathon. I've only been to Boston once in my life. It was two falls ago -- a gorgeious time to be there. My wife and I did one of the hop-on hop-off trolley tours -- a great way to see that city. I've also been a longtime Boston Celtics fan. My mom can back me up on that one. I'm not on any kind of bandwagon just because of this year's NBA season. I grew up a big Larry Bird fan. From Celtics hats to a Bird poster to a Bird comic book, I loved the Cs, and always liked hearing about Boston. (I've never been a Patriots fan, though...)

As far as ever running the Boston Marathon, that's a dream that'll likely just stay a dream. For those who are working on that goal right now for Boston '09, I wish you the best in your running goals this year.