Bread belly?

OK, I'll admit it. I still eat too much. However, I am eating better. In these first two months of the year I have cut back on many foods I absolutely love, ate a lot more fruit and gone back to ordering veggies instead of fries the few times I have eaten out. But last week when the scale seemed stuck again, I took a long hard look at my diet and knew what I had to do: cut out the bread. Every meal on Friday, which is my "cheat" day anyway, had bread in it. I know what some people will already say -- you just have to eat less of it and eat the right kind. It's not that simple. I grew up in the South where, guess what? Families eat and eat and eat and eat bread of all kinds.

When I was in college, a northern friend pointed out to me that when I ate I had a fork in one hand and bread in the other to scoop the food onto the fork. Then I looked around -- so did everyone else in my life. It seems lately to fulfill my hunger I go for bread. At work if I get hungry, it's very easy for me to grab a sandwich instead of opting for the apple I brought.

While I'm content that I have lost some weight, I know I can do better with my eating. The changes I have made are working a little bit, but I really think getting rid of bread will go a long way.

This does not mean that others around me have to stop eating bread. (Mom, I know you're reading this ...) Six years ago when I lost weight, I completely cut out things like cake. People felt bad for eating "that stuff" around me. It didn't faze me. I know this first week may be a bit tough, but once I get through it I'll be OK. I already had to avoid the temptation of a biscuit tonight. Normally I would have had two.

My overall goal is to lose weight slowly, but I really, really want to get back into the 180s before race day on March 21. Like I mentioned before, my first goal is to get back to 189.9 and then set another goal. Like with my running, this is a huge overarching goal for this year and beyond. I'm not planning to void bread out of my diet forever, but I need to learn how to get back into control of things. Taking it out completely for a while with an occasional "cheat" is a step that just works for me.