Bring back the visuals

6-mile run from this past Saturday. A couple of years ago I got really obsessed with looking at my routes on Garmin's site. It was part of how I figured out where to add miles, and to see what other streets I was missing.

I also enjoyed posting many of those routes, especially the longer ones, here on the blog. Now that I go back and look at old posts, and examine my tone behind some of those posts, I think it's time I start showing off my routes again.

I don't want to do this in an obsessive way. Just a couple of times a month as a way to gain some confidence and as a way to get back to what used to be a fun thing for me to do.

I also have to stress the importance of doing this for ME and not what other people think about my non-linear routes. A couple of years from now I may be looking back at this very post trying to figure something out, and I'll be glad it's here.

August goals update

  • 1,000 total push-ups: Currently at 210
  • More biking miles than running miles: Currently 23.5 biking, 11.3 running
  • Increase long run to 10 miles: No change since my last post