I've been quiet in my usual loud places -- mainly here with very few running-specific posts; I haven't left many comments on dailymile; and I haven't been on Twitter much. Some of this was intentional -- I needed the break from talking about and thinking about running -- but I've also had a lot going on outside my running world.

If you have followed me along regularly, you know that I rarely talk about work. I started this blog 5 years ago at a time when my career was at a crossroads. Shortly after I started writing, I made a career shift and moved to Richmond, Va.

That career shift, though, was the beginning of what has turned into a string of learning experiences. Call them mistakes or hiccups or whatever -- I've learned from them all, but haven't been happy professionally.

Last week, though, I returned to Richmond for a job interview. Long story short, my interview day (and phone interviews before) went well. The interviews didn't feel like interviews -- they felt like conversations. I immediately felt like I fit in.

So in a quick turn of events in my life, I will be moving back to Richmond very soon. By "very soon" I mean that I start my job next week.

Since I don't mix my career and this blog often, where exactly I'm going and doing isn't an important thing to discuss on here right now.

Just know that my running will continue and my blogging will continue as well. It may be a while, though, before I can have enough time to leave comments on other blogs or chat on Twitter much. That "normal" part of my life will come later this summer.