Circle of (not) sickness

Medicine, running, coughI'm not sick. I'm just not 100 percent. Since my Disney trip, I've probably gone through a box of tissues myself and woken myself nightly with the post-flu cough.

My son has gone through much of the same thing, although he never had the flu.

My wife's had a bit of a lingering cough as well.

Cough, cough.

We're not sick, I promise.

On a running note, I was talking with my friend Travis tonight about the Shamrock Half Marathon. He's planning the full that day and he, too, had the flu about a month ago.

He has a way of motivating me and reminding me of my own training. I've got the base miles for this race, I just have to get healthy.

That conversation has led me to a self-imposed get-healthy deadline. If I'm back to 100 percent by Feb. 1, I'll set a sub 1:40 as my goal again; if I'm not, I'll run for fun and find a different "A" race this spring.

It's great to have friends who help keep things in perspective. Now I have get over whatever is lingering in our household.