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Climbing out of the Blah Barrel

Last week's good race was followed by a nice 6-mile flat run in Ohio, which was followed by several days of not feeling like doing much. So much for feeling motivated, right?

After feeling like I had hit a low, I hit a new low around Friday morning when I opted for sleep once again instead of a run. Hitting the bottom of the Blah Barrel is starting to feel like a good thing, though.

In the past few days, I've run on a Friday evening (that's really out of character), painted my baby's room (first time painting in at least 4 years) and rode my bike in the middle of a hot summer afternoon (not completely rare, but rare enough since I had 0 July miles on my bike).

All of a sudden I feel like I've hatched; I feel ready for something new this week.

Or maybe renewed is the better word.

I have to actually do it though. I need more out-of-character moments; I need simple moments; I need a pre-7 a.m. run; I need to run at an odd time; I need to ride my bike more; I need to lift weights again.

What was routine for me went out the window a long time ago and I need to spend the rest of this month just doing something other than making excuses.

I don't know if I'll come close to my initial July goals, but I'm tired of the never-ending cycle I've put myself through these past few months ...