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Closing the base-building chapter

Yesterday I flipped a mental switch that I never imagined I'd be doing again. The base-building and slow building of mileage over the past 5 months officially ended. Today I flipped that switch to training for the Baltimore Marathon. Not that it means much – I’ll run 2-3 miles more this week than last week. It will be, I hope, more focused. There’s a little more reason to run today than there was yesterday. I completely unintentionally broke up my base-building phase and official marathon training into 17-week segments. Following two single-digit weeks in February after a horrible stomach bug, my weekly mileage has been in the mid-teens to just over 20 miles. I have averaged nearly 18 miles a week for 17 weeks. When I talk about being consistent, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

running, base building

Now comes another test of being over my injury and seeing what I’m made of – increasing the mileage. As you can see, I haven’t had a 10 percent increase in weekly mileage in a while. That was intentional once I got to 20 miles so I could stay focused on building my base.

This week I’m aiming for at least 22 miles, perhaps a couple of more if everything feels good – the first run today of 4 miles in the mid-day heat went well.

As I said last week, I plan to post more route and elevation maps of my runs to better document my training this summer and fall. Here’s today’s run in Roanoke, which was fairly flat minus one hill:

Roanoke, running

This week my plan for a long run is 8 miles and then hitting the double digits next week for the first time since the marathon in November, and for the first time in a training run since Oct. 16.

That drought of more than two-thirds of a year between double digit long runs is far and away the longest since I first ran double digits in 2006. Of all the streaks I've ever had -- good and bad -- this is the one I'm looking most forward to finally ending.