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Coming in March: Shamrock IV

A couple of months or so ago, I said that in 2010 I would run the Shamrock Half Marathon again. But after unexpectedly getting a new job and all that, I didn't know if I would do it again. Last night, though, I signed up for it. There's part of me that knows I would have missed doing it if I skipped it and there's also a part of me that knows that a good Shamrock Half will set me up for successful Richmond Marathon training later in the year. Plus I feel like I have a lot to prove to myself over the next three and a half months. I have that infamous 10 pounds I want to lose, plus I really want to set a PR in this event. While my No. 1 goal will be to run my race to the best of my ability, I will keep a big focus on getting faster this winter. I'll worry about focusing on the PR the closer the event gets here.


Speaking of 2010, I doubt that I'll run the Rock 'n' Roll Half again. While the timing is good with training for the marathon, the money to travel to Virginia Beach twice in one year just isn't worth it. Now that I'm back in the Lynchburg area, I'll likely focus on many smaller races that I used to run. I had fun here a few years ago with these races and they're a lot of cheaper. I'll spend less money running a few races here vs. traveling on Labor Day weekend. There's actually a half marathon in Lynchburg in August that I'll likely do.


The Bedford Christmas Classic is this weekend, the fourth time I have done this event. It'll briefly overtake Shamrock as the event I've done the most. Oddly enough, though, I've never blogged about this specific race since the other three events (twice as a 5k and once as a 10k) occurred before my blogging days. The forecast right now looks, well, a lot like Christmas. It's looking like rain will turn to snow that day with temperatures falling during the day, but around here I've learned not to pay much attention to the forecast. Either way, I'll be unprepared for any of those conditions, including really cold, so I'm just planning to go with the flow.

Travis and I ran the course the other night and I finished in just a little more than 25 minutes, which is actually in between my previous two 5k race times, so I'm confident I can set my course record. I felt like I could knock a couple of minutes off that time in a race. But we'll have to see how I feel and how the weather plays out. Right now I'm still feeling tired from my Thanksgiving trip -- there's been very little down time since then. I'm hoping tonight though to get some extra rest.