Conquering another post-injury fear

You'd be amazed at how often I think about that pain in my left knee from a year ago. Even though I've gotten back on track this summer, I still have these thoughts racing through my head of whether I'm doing the right thing or not. One thing I haven't done this year is run up a mountain on a trail. In fact, I've mainly stayed away from trails due to the imbalances and weird fear of blowing my knee out coming down hill. Including the Trail Nut 10k in June, I think I've done less than a half dozen trail runs this year. I say I want to do more, but it just hasn't happened.

Today, though, that changed. 5 miles up and down Mill Mountain in Roanoke on a trail. It was hot and humid; I felt like a big mess at the end. I got it done though and nothing happened to my knee.

Mill Mountain, Roanoke, running

All that's left now is an 18-miler to assure me of my highest mileage week in 4 years.