living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.


I think most runners agree that it's tough to be consistent. Whether it's things on the job, stuff at home, the weather or even your mood, getting consistent is tough. Well, since the marathon six months ago, I have been doing a great job of being consistent with my inconsistency. In the past two weeks, though, things have turned around.

On my run today, I realized how up and down things have seemed since the marathon milestone. It's like I got caught up in being pleased with finishing the marathon that things stopped mattering so much. Now that it seems like I'm on the right track, I'm ready to plot out things between now and the end of August. My plan for the second half of this month is to just stay consistent -- hit my weekly miles in the teens, ride my bike a few times and lift weights a couple of times of week. Come June 1, I'll be ready to get into details of what I want my long runs and weekly miles to be. I'll be ready to discuss my weight and my goals for the end of August. I'm prepared to make June, July and August be the best running months of my life, and I'm just laying the ground work this month.

Speaking of consistency, things are going well this week. Monday was a weight lifting day; Tuesday was a 1.1-mile walk and 4.2-mile run; Wednesday was a good 2-mile walk and 4.6 miles on the bike; and today was just shy of a mile walk and a 4.1-mile run. Tomorrow I hope to bike and/or lift weights; Saturday will be house-work day; and Sunday I hope to run another 4 miles or so.