Countdown to Cleveland

Now that the Cleveland Half Marathon is less than two weeks away, I'm finally excited about it. It's been one of those events that I've put on the back-burner. Sure I've been training for it, but I sort of feel like I've been avoiding talking about it in great detail. When I "downgraded" from the full to the half, I never really offered up an explanation for why I did that. I don't really feel like I have to explain, but this past month and a half have been much better because of that decision.

Right choice, Cleveland Half

Here are a few random thoughts I've had that haven't made it to the blog:

  • I loosely use the word "downgrade," but I really hate that word. It doesn't make me less of a runner to have made a smart decision.
  • Coming off Shamrock, I thought I was hurt. When I knew I had to take some downtime, the appropriate miles and runs I needed for a full marathon made no sense. I would have had a spike in mileage that would have increased my injury risk.
  • Focusing on 13.1 instead of 26.2 in these crazy seasonal changes has helped mentally. One time I said that running a 20-miler sounded appealing in April; no weekend last month was very appealing for anything longer than what I did.
  • I've been able to focus on getting stronger and faster. Sure, I could have done that with marathon training, but I feel like my runs in the past month have been of much, much higher quality than had I continued with marathon training.
  • I was able to keep things fun. Running through an orchard and then over a mountain is something I might not have done with marathon training.
  • Lastly, running a certain time in 26.2 miles or just finishing a marathon isn't important to me right now. It will later this year, but the time wasn't right for me to set those goals.

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