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Craving Daylight

Running in the winter isn't necessarily a battle against the cold or the wind or the up and down temperatures Virginia gets. It's the daylight hours, or really, the lack of. I have trouble waking up when it's dark out. I manage, somehow, but it's not the same as the summer. Right now, I can really tell that the days are getting a bit longer. It's nice that it's not pitch black at 7 a.m. But thanks to our federal government, we'll be springing forward soon, and it'll be a good month or so before it's daylight when I would prefer it to be daylight.

However, there is the end of the day. I used to be an evening runner, but changed a year ago. Perhaps I'll have to reconsider soon. I'm flexible to some extent. I just had more "problems" at the end of the day when I ran.

Anyway, I really have no point. I guess it's those winter blues. I'm craving consistent temperatures in which I can run in shorts and short sleeves. Meanwhile, it's been a pretty good week so far. I'm a mile ahead of last week so far. I'm debating on hitting double digits for the long run this week. That's a decision that'll come that morning probably.