Craving that long run

It's been one of those weeks in which I can't hardly wait for the weekend to get here. I want to get outside, breathe in some fresh air and just run. I don't care how fast or slow - I just want an hour-plus to debrief. Work, which I refuse to talk about on here, has been unnecessarily silly and I just want to run those thoughts out of my head. Home life, which I don't refuse to talk about on here but rarely bring it up, is great. My son is quickly approaching four months old. He's such a joy, smiling more and more every day keeping us entertained. As I've mentioned, part of my reason for doing the Shamrock Half next month is because so many people talked about how hard training is with a baby. I'm not going to say it hasn't been hard -- I've had to completely shift around what I'm used to doing -- but to me it's more of a new challenge. I'm not expecting a PR next month. I'm expecting to complete it and be ecstatic that I've completed a half marathon before my son is even five months old. It's like an "I told you so" type thing ... but I think I'm only proving to myself how important it is to stay healthy.

Speaking of health, I feel like I've doomed to never lose weight again. Part of that is because of home life -- those with babies know how much that impact meals. It's not that I've been eating totally bad, but dinner is quick, which leads to overeating during the evening. Like when I come home from the gym around 9 a.m., I'm flippin' hungry.

This all being said, this is really a make-or-break week with Shamrock training. There's a little more than four weeks to go until the race. The last four weeks are the most important in my mind. I've come a long way this year with getting back in running shape and this week to me is crucial in assuring I complete this race like I want to. I feel like if something goes wrong in the next few days, then I just can't make it up.

So like I said at the beginning, I'm really longing for the long run this week. Long runs keep me sane, and it keeps my posts from drifting all over the place ...