Day 1: I'm thankful for ...

I've never got caught up in the monthlong "thankful for" posts on Facebook in November because, quite frankly, I got too caught up in others negativity. Yes, positive posts that are actually negative. "Today I'm so thankful for alarm clocks to wake me up because I hate my job so much!"

Yes, those posts happen. At least something close to that.

This year, though, I feel an urge to end things on a different note and participate in giving thanks every day. Be positive and stay positive. No negatives in my positives. Remember basic math -- when you multiply a negative by a positive, the answer is negative!

I also want to get back to writing more, so I thought what better way to do that than to focus on the positive things in life? And I'll do that right here every day on my blog this month.

I'll kick this month off with being thankful for my family of 4. My first son will be 5 this weekend; my second son has had a great first 6 weeks of life. My wife and I continue to have an awesome relationship after 9 years of marriage.

Nothing else I post this month will top this as far as importance goes.

The first family of 4 photo in September.