Day 1: It's in my head

A co-worker of mine (and former/maybe future blogger at Wishful Shrinking) were discussing the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon today. This will be her first half marathon and my 7th. Yet the similarities are similar. Despite my best efforts, I'm starting off at square one, which can be seen from my 2.5-mile run today, and a goal of only 12-14 miles for the week. This has led me to doing a lot of thinking about training and how a specific date changes everything. I did this earlier this year with the Shamrock Half -- and yes, training is like flipping a switch. Today I wanted to take a mid-afternoon break. So I ventured to Sheetz ... and I wanted a Coke Zero so bad I could taste it. But instead I got Vitamin Water. Carbonated drinks are justĀ  bad, and I don't know why I drink them sometimes. While I probably drink less in a week than some people do in a day, I really don't like them -- they just become a stupid habit. (By the way, the kiwi-strawberry Vitamin Water was actually quite tasty.)

Training isn't just about the running or the cross training or what food/drink I put in my body -- it's a mind game. I am fully confident in my abilities to run a good 13.1 miles again and to lose the 10 pounds I keep wanting to lose ... but I have to win my mind back. A choice in a convienent store goes a long way -- if I can break the habit of grabbing a Coke at 2 p.m., I can break the habit of not wanting to run more than 3 miles. I know I've been getting over injuries, but lately I think my mind has held me back. I keep saying that I'm running this race as long as I don't get hurt ... while this is very true, I just need to stop thinking about being hurt and just run. If I'm hurt I'll stop. Otherwise, why am I letting my mind get to me?

A year ago at this time, running was not fun. I ran all summer and didn't like it. I took that break last fall and then fell back in love with it this winter. And now that I've kinda sorta taken a break in the past couple of months, I'm ready to love running again. Tonight we held hands for the first time in a while ... maybe I'll sneak in a kiss next time.