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Dear Santa

Two days removed from a good race and one day removed from a nice and cold 3.2-mile run, I find myself sitting out the couch wanting to run ... but I just don't feel like it. I rarely run three days in a row, but tonight I want to ... but the couch is too comfortable. So instead I am seeking motivation in what is now an annual event -- my Christmas wish-list. Just like last year's post, I want to first say that I'm very happy with where I am with my running gear. There's nothing I really need right now ... there are just some things that would be cool to have, or have updates of. My world will continue to spin around as normal without these things.

* New shoes: OK, OK, so maybe I do actually need new shoes. I can probably get another month or so out of my current pair (Brooks Ravenna), so I'll probably buy some new ones with Christmas money. The next pair will be key to getting me through the Shamrock Half in the first quarter of the year. As far as what I wish for ... another pair of Brooks Ravenna would be nice, but I'm also considering returning to Asics, so the 2140 line would be fine too.

* A new Garmin: I keep thinking that my 205 is on its last leg. One day it'll beep when I turn it on or push the Lap button; the next day it won't; sometimes I charge it up only to turn it on and have a low battery; occasionally it'll search and search and search for a satellite signal; and earlier this year I had to do some research on forcing it to reset. So yes, a new watch would be nice. I'd love a Garmin Forerunner 405, but the price needs to drop more. A new, unused 205 would be fine though. (I have no idea how old my watch is -- I bought it on eBay.)

* Shirts/shorts: I'm still stuck on my Target C9 line. It's cheap, yet durable and I'm not about to change.

* iPod: I love my iPod shuffle, but it is also limiting. After a few months, the songs need to be rotated out. I'm also becoming more picky selective with what I want to listen to. When I do use my iPod, I tend to spend a lot of time skipping. So anything other than a shuffle would be nice. What holds me back, in addition to the money involved, is the fact I just don't use it that much. That being said, I'd probably use a newer one more.

* Underwear: I really like the Sonoma brand at Kohl's, but most any non-cotton boxer brief is fine with me.

* Sneaker balls: The best thing to keeping things fresh since I discovered how well dryer sheets work.

* Good health: Staying healthy and injury free is priceless. I'll replace any nice gear if I could assure myself to be injury free. Thanks to taking more time off than I really need to, I think I've assured myself of kicking off 2010 in a good place. Of course I didn't want to start from scratch with training, but if it means I won't have foot issues three months from now, then I'm fine with that.

In all seriousness, I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season this year. As always, thanks for following along.