Dear Santa ...

In a time when running isn't at the forefront of my mind, it's kind of weird for me to even think about wanting anything running-related for Christmas. I know, though, that this injury is just a minor setback in the big picture and one day this will just be a story I can tell to others. So that being said, it's time for my annual Christmas wish list. It's probably not too drastically different from years past -- I'm not even going to look at what I've done in the past couple of years. Keep in mind that I'm doing this all in good fun ... like if I could sit on Santa's lap one time, this is what would spill out of my mouth.

Shorts My running shorts are in a sad, sad state. Many of them are five years old or older. It probably doesn't help that I often will put them on to lounge around in. I'm not too picky -- I just ask that they not be lined. Any brand is fine with me.

Shirts Thanks to the increase in races giving out moisture-wicking shirts, I don't necessarily need running shirts, but it doesn't hurt to have another one or two so I could filter out some older ones in the closet. I could use a new solid green one, and I have zero red shirts. Kind of fitting for a Christmas wish list, right?

Socks Ininji toe socksI recently tried out Injinji toe socks thanks to my local running store -- Riverside Runners -- finally carrying them. They were pretty cool -- very different feeling, but I know I'll use them for long runs and races down the road. But I bet I won't buy myself another pair at $16 a piece.

On a similar note, my running socks are getting worn out. I need socks worse than shorts and shirts. Remember the greater than/less than things from math class? Here's what I'm looking like: socks>shirts>shorts>pants. I guess what I'm saying is a need a running gear overhaul ... nothing a gift card couldn't solve. (By the way, local friends, Riverside Runners now has gift cards.)

Gloves This is a separate issue than mixing it in with the above. In nearly seven full years of running I've had two pairs of running gloves -- a pair of Brooks and a pair of Nike. My wife has bought me both and they've easily been the best running gift ever. I love a fairly thin layer of gloves to keep my hands from freezing off when the temperature drops. Both pairs are still in existence and can probably get me through this winter OK, but both pairs now have their fair share of holes.


P90X With as much as I've enjoyed cross training lately, I think I could get into P90X. They've promoted enough on ESPN Radio this year that I'm sold on it. I probably wouldn't want to do the entire program, but would instead just incorporate the workouts a couple of times a week into my routine. It's expensive, so even a couple of the DVDs off eBay would be fine for me.

Fruit of the month club Do these still exist? Since I've been trying to eat healthier and eat less, I could go for something like this. I should expand my fruit intake anyway, so maybe I'll start my own fruit of the month club in 2011.

Garmin Garmin Forerunner, runningAnother year is nearly gone with my Garmin still hanging on. At various points in the past couple of years or so I thought it was over. I've had dead screens; the beeping is sporadic; I've had random dead batteries after it was charged; but my Garmin 205 that I bought on eBay many, many moons ago is still ticking away. So head over to the Garmin Forerunner website and just pick out a new one for me. Any of them will do.

RUN, the book On a more serious note, I'd really like to have the "RUN: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel" book by Matt Fitzgerald. I've had at least a half dozen people, if not more, tell me that I should read this book. Running by feel has worked for me for most of this year and I plan to continue running by feel once I get back to regularly running again.

That's all, for now.