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Developing a PR plan

In the past few weeks I've added speed work to a few runs, which has given me an additional spark. A year ago I had a goal to go for a 5K PR in the summer; that never came close. Now, though, I see how much work there is to go for that goal. I'm suddenly feeling more determined to make it a goal this summer.

I'm opting not to add any half marathons to my schedule in May, June or July (and likely August). Now is the time to focus on the shorter distances and getting faster and knock off a PR or two.

My 5K PR is almost THREE YEARS OLD. I've never gone more than 3 years between 5K PRs -- August 2007 to April 2010 is the closest I've come to that mark.

So here's what's ahead of me:

  • I'm not focused on the 1:50 goal for Blue Ridge. If it happens, it happens. If I'm closer to 1:55, that's fine. After looking more at the course map and knowing my lack of hill training and considering every weather scenario, going for a time of 1:55 is much more reasonable.
  • I'm going back to the track in May and June at least every other weekend. I don't know if I'll add ladders or repeats or both, but I have to do speed work there.
  • I'll do at least 1 progressive run per week. This doesn't mean 100% effort every time, but I have to get used to running harder at the end of runs that I start them.
  • I have to find the right 5K. That may depend on summer travels to the in-laws. I don't have a specific race in mind just yet.
  • After going for a 5K PR, I'm refocusing on the half marathon PR. I may sign up for a September race that I think would be a good fit. No need for those details yet.

I haven't had this mind frame for nearly 3 years. It's so nice to have it back ...