Digging deep

Last night I continued my new Wednesday tradition of long runs. Earlier this month when I was planning in my head what my long runs would be to get ready for the Shamrock Half Marathon, I had hoped to be at about 8 miles this week and ideally hitting 10 miles in mid-February. But I hit 10 miles last night -- my first complete double-digit run in January ever. (For the record, my 12-mile journey this past weekend will count as running miles since it was that much effort and then some, but it wasn't 12 complete running miles. Make sense?) It was kind of a rough run with lots of hills -- around here there's no escaping the hills unlike where I was living in Richmond. I had to dig deep the last couple of miles. My legs really didn't want to do it, but my mind did. And last night my mind won. That usually doesn't happen.

Then tonight I went out for a planned short and slow run with my dog. That turned into a nice 4-mile run in 35:43. Suddenly my slow pace has gotten faster, all on hills. I already wonder what I could do minus 10 pounds and on flat ground.

With tonight's run, I passed 70 miles for the month. It's by far the most January miles in a few years. And these have mostly been good miles on hills, in the cold, through rain, into the wind and over mountains. Quality AND quantity.