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Digging deep for patience

As I continue to feel better and more confident about running each week, I'm finding it harder and harder to just be patient. There is absolutely no need to ramp up my miles over the next several weeks -- getting to 20 miles or just a little beyond is all I need for the next few weeks. That's how building a base works. It's a good thing to be consistent.

But it's hard.

When I was running today, I kept thinking about how I'd like to just wonder off and do a long run of 14 miles or so. Those days are coming and when they get hereĀ I have to keep in mind then what I'm thinking now -- how bad I want it.

I continue to remind myself of where I've been in the past six months -- already this month I have equaled my February miles and will soon pass what I did in January. By the end of next week, I'll have the combined miles of November and December. Barring something crazy, I'll actually run about 10 miles more this May than I did a year ago.

While I've had some moments of feeling pure crazy for signing up for the Baltimore Marathon, these past few weeks have reassured me of this decision. If I didn't sign up for it, I'm not sure what I'd be getting ready for. I have a feeling, though, that I'd still be saying "I don't know" a lot.