Disproportional soreness

Three days removed from the Terrapin Mountain adventure, I'm almost over my soreness. I had a nice short recovery run last night, am taking tonight off and will continue with a planned long run tomorrow night of 9-10 miles. I'm still all giddy about that run/hike the other day, but perhaps the most surprising thing is how sore I've been. While some of the soreness is due to the fact I probably could have waited a month to do that, I'm also discovering what it's like to recover from running on rocks and falling on ice and leaves. While my elbow soreness is going away slowly, my legs are sore in completely different places. It felt weird yesterday to walk around. Today it's just a dull soreness that will be gone by the morning.

I continue to be bummed about dropping my "31 in 31" plan and 100 push-ups for at least this week, but it is what it is. I can't let that get me down when I have so much more going for me right now. I haven't felt this great about running in a few years, so I have to take this momentum and roll with it.