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Distance + speed = a great run

Running when not at home is always tough, but today I managed a good 11 mile run in the flatness of northeast Ohio. On top of that, I added some speed bursts in between mile 5 and 6 (7:39), between miles 8 and 9 (7:41) and the last quarter mile (1:49/7:15 pace). I've been hearing a lot lately how beneficial it is to add speed into longer runs and it really felt great today. Plus the weather was finally cooperative with temperatures in the low 70s and very cloudy. All my other miles were in the 9-minute mile pace. Adding the faster miles really made this workout a lot less boring than other long runs - it helped get my mind off everything that's being going on in my life.

I'll probably log a few miles in the morning. Since I have a wedding to go to later in the day, it'll make me not feel so bad about having some good food and drink later in the day.