living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.


Way back on April 8, I started something that I didn't really plan on -- a "do something" streak. In the past 45 days I've done SOMETHING related to physical activity -- push-ups, running, sit-ups, plank, squats ... even a trip to the North Carolina Zoo that consisted of nearly 5 hours of walking and time on my feet. The only day I think I fudged a bit was a day at the park with my wife and son -- but it was hot and we did take about a quarter-mile hike in the woods. It counted. The key thing is I didn't sit on my butt that day. I got up and did ... SOMETHING.

Now that I'm 45 days into this, I should have some rules, right? Sure, I could, but then that would end the fun of it. I'm not going to count walking to and from my car every day, or my trips to the bathroom, or things like that to get away with calling it doing something. It is, simply, doing something outside of normal everyday life. If it's too silly for me to post on Daily Mile, it won't count.

Today was the challenge of all challenges in the streak. My son wasn't feeling well all day and I was completely wiped out after yesterday -- a 7-mile run and then a trip to a strawberry festival to pick strawberries made for a very full day. I fell asleep around 9 p.m. I didn't "do something" until 9:15 p.m. today. That "something" was week 4, day 3 of the 100 push-ups program -- my first-ever week 4 test is coming up in a couple of days.

I doubt I'll talk about this much besides logging my workouts on Daily Mile -- like making "rules," I want this to be something fun. If I start thinking or talking about it too much, it becomes a hassle. When I stop for a day or have a day like this that was a true challenge or hit a "milestone" type of day, I'll let you know.