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Doggy wake-up call

Duke, golden retriever, running The best runs are the unplanned ones, which for me has sort of been my frame of mind lately.

While I have mileage and time-on-my-feet goals each week, I've been doing more running lately that falls in the category of doing what feels right.

That was really working well for me about a year ago and it's about time I've gotten back to it.

Today was one of those days in which I wanted to sleep in a bit. Mondays have been good for that this winter.

Duke, however, had other plans. While he'll occasionally whine right next to my face, he doesn't do much nudging at me. Today was a full force nudge, coupled with whining and pacing back and forth in my room.

If he could talk, I think it would have been along the lines of "GET THE EFF OUT OF BED ALREADY DUDE!"

And I fully believe it was because he wanted to run. His sense of urgency to use the restroom was nothing unusual when he hit the grass.

So we ran. And after a mile, I decided we should do some quarter-mile intervals.

After feeling a bit sluggish for the first couple of intervals I stepped it up in the final two, hitting 1:52 and 1:50. It's been way too long since I've hit that speed, but it felt good. I did 6 intervals total and felt like I had much more to give.

I don't like having to say "it's been a while" with these runs I've had lately, but it's all starting to feel new to me.

And I really like that. I've gone on and on long enough about why my running has been lacking, and I think that it's time that I focus on days like this where everything feels almost right again.