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Ending a streak

stop runningAfter last year's Runner's World Holiday Streak, I was done with wanting to ever attempt streaking again. It just seemed unnecessary once it was all over. Don't take that as a knock to streaking though -- those who do it safely have a great thing going.

While running every day for a set length of time isn't something I'll intentionally do for a while, I have had a streak going on for quite some time that I've never mentioned -- running at least a mile a week from Monday-Sunday.

Even when I was injured at the end of 2010, I still got in at least a mile in that traditional week. I believe a couple of times at the end of the year, I still managed to take at least a week off (you know, like running on a Wednesday, then not running again for 8 days). It was an effective way to recover, but still keep that streak alive.

The last time I remember recording a 0 for a week was near the end of 2007 when I had some pretty major chest congestion. I wrote about the big zero only briefly and I've never talked about not running at all for a week since then.

That changes today as this 5-year streak of running at least 1 mile comes to an end. The flu wins.

There's no way, though, that I'll dwell on this or be sad or cry "woe is me." I could have run a mile or 2 today, but I opted for a little more rest. I'd say I'm 85% recovered and I want to be at a point in my recovery that I know a run won't set me back.

Sounds like a great Christmas gift to give to myself ...