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Ending some streaks

With this being race week and also not feeling well early in the week, things are a bit different. Here's how, so far: * On Monday I didn't run. It's the first Monday all year that I haven't ran.

* I had a short run yesterday. That was the first Tuesday all year that I have run. Tuesday has been a non-running day because I am generally coming off two or three good days in a row of running from the weekend and Monday.

* Today I ran 4.5 miles. It's the first non-double digit run on Wednesday since Jan. 20.

One streak that will stay in tact this week will be my streak of 20-plus miles in a week -- 9 weeks. And, lastly, I haven't mentioned it since I put it out there a month ago, but I am still planning to run every day in the month of April. Click here for the original blog post; I'll detail those plans later.