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Endless possibilities at Lynchburg College

One of my favorite places to run is at my alma mater - Lynchburg College. It's easily to log several miles on the campus by running on the roads within the school, running along College Drive behind the school and running on the many sidewalks within the Dell. And there's also the renovated track at Shellenberger Field where you can throw a few laps down. In the early morning before the students rise, or during the summer months when many students are away, it's a very peaceful place to run. Even when the students are there it's a great place to go, but you just have to be more aware of the traffic.

It's also a very challenging place to run. There's really nowhere flat, so be prepared to do battle with the hills. (I guess this is true of just about everywhere in Lynchburg!) Another nice thing about running there is the endless routes. I've rarely done the same route twice.