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Endless running funk

Running - mental hurdlesI had some of the best moments of my running life in the first six months of the year, but I also had many moments that just seemed so unclear. Those unclear moments have continued. I'm not sure why or what causes it, or really even how to explain it, but it's kind of frustrating.

Here are some random thoughts with all this:

  • I really don't feel like running, but once I go through the motions and get the run under way, I'm usually fine.
  • The good runs feel great.
  • The bad runs feel miserable, but I'm always happy at the end that I got out and ran.

So there you have it. I've skipped running Wednesday and Thursday because sleep felt more important to me (and maybe it was this week). Then I saved a bad run for temperatures in the mid-80s before sunrise today.

I feel unmotivated to set a goal for the Richmond Marathon for whatever reason. When I've done speedwork in the past couple of weeks, my pace is much faster than the initial 3:45 goal I have.

It's not a bad thing that I'm faster, but when I think about a goal time faster than that I get an odd anxious feeling.

I don't bring this up often because everyone offers the same (lack of) encouraging words. Phrases of "Hang in there," "We all go through this," and "This, too, shall pass," are just rhetorical comments that don't mean anything.

Don't take this the wrong way -- I love comments, and I know that at any given moment any runner will go through these things. It's great to have company no matter what is going on with running. I know the best thing to do is to "Hang in there" because I know it will pass.

I've told people before to "stop thinking" about things so much when it comes to these moments. I know it's what I need to do; I did that on Saturday in my long run and had a great time.

I think once I stop thinking so much, everything else will fall in place ...