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Epic? I'm going there

Run for Boston, #runforboston The Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon weekend can be summed up in one word: epic.

I hope you know that "epic" has never been used to describe any event from me. I did use it in a post a couple of weeks ago when I hinted at what I was going to do at the Monument Avenue 10k, but I didn't bust it out. I even looked up the definition to make sure something there fit well. "Impressively great" works for me.

I use it with caution, but I'm using it nonetheless because it just was. I'm not even going to disclose everything here either -- it's just one of those things for the memory bank and great stories to tell others in person.

In addition to my first post on Sunday, here are some other weekend highlights and thoughts.

    • The elevation change: Blue Ridge Half elevation
    • My actual race performance was disappointing. I was exactly a minute slower than last year. In 2012, I put too much effort going up Mill Mountain; this year was too conservative. Despite a couple of fast miles coming down Mill Mountain (7:20 for mile 5, 7:40 for mile 6), I couldn't make up the time I lost going up the mountain (mile 2 was a little more than 10 miles, mile 3 was in 12:10). I did manage to have a negative split, just not negative enough to feel fully satisfied. Running 13.1 miles in the week leading up to the race didn't help, but I have no regrets. I know I can get closer to 1:50 in this race ... eventually.
    • WDBJ7 interviewed me about #RunChat.
    • In addition to hanging out with great people I mentioned in my last post, I hung out with these awesome people:

      Blue Ridge Marathon

      2013 Blue Ridge Marathon

    • That makes for two years in a row of some awesome socializing¬†at this race, plus I had the opportunity to make this a working weekend helping both Foot Levelers and the Blue Ridge Marathon with some social media posts.
    • I feel like WDBJ7's photo of me with Bart Yasso and Amy¬†really sums up my weekend. All smiles. A celebration of running. Doing it all for Boston. Uniting as a community.

As for what's next, I really don't know. All my plans and thoughts have been thrown out the window.

For now, I'm just enjoying running to run. ...