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Escape to the beach

One of the great things about living in Richmond is being a little more than a couple of hours away from Virginia Beach. Oddly enough, my wife and I never took advantage of this when we lived here before.

This weekend, though, we finally acted on the thought of getting away for the weekend and hit up the beach. We left Friday after work, had a full day Saturday and was back in Richmond shortly after noon on Sunday.

It was a perfect weekend weather wise, and with it being in between bigger events going on there, hotel rates were perfect. The weather was just right, too, to spend some time playing in the sand Saturday.

My son loved it …

Virginia Beach 28th Avenue

Duke got to see the ocean for the first time ...

Duke Virginia Beach

We saw dolphins …

And I got to see an awesome sun rise for my 20-mile run …

Virginia Beach sunrise

Needless to say, but we’ve got to do this more often.