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Farewell August

Missing one long run -- a big one at 16 miles -- caused me to miss my August goal of 110-120 miles by a lot. But I won't let that one run define my month. If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that I would run more than 100 miles in both July and August, I would have thought you were crazy. I end August at 100.6 miles -- 0.3 more than July. I had my longest run in nearly 3 years. I can't be disappointed in that. It's my third triple-digit month of the year. After 8 months of the year, I'm at 710.9 running miles for the year. One run isn't going to drag me down.

It's also worth noting that even though my end-of-the-month sickness impacted my latest attempt at the 100 push-ups program, I did 450 push-ups throughout the month.

As the calendar turns to the last one-third of the year tomorrow, I am looking forward to more consistent cooler weather. There have been signs recently of fall coming, but temperatures in the 90s this week have been a friendly reminder that it's still summer. For September, I obviously want to continue to increase my miles as the Richmond Marathon gets even closer. I'm not sure yet if I'll get my first 20-miler in or not since I missed last week's run -- I just have to see how the next couple of long runs go before deciding on that.

I'm really looking forward to September and seeing how things go. I've mentioned before that I want a sub 4-hour marathon in November and with cooler weather on the way, it's time that I pick up the pace a bit. My runs in the past couple of months have gotten slower in the heat. There have been a few runs that were a bit sluggish, and I don't want to slip into just logging miles. The more aware I am of that, the better I can make my runs.

As I have felt for much of the year, I think the best is yet to come.