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February 2014: By the Numbers

As I become less public about what's going on with my running, I'm finding myself to be happier about what's going on. I have no problem not posting here for the past month; as always I know something could trigger me to write every day. For now, though, don't expect that.

Taking a little bit of time to reflect at the end of a month is good enough for me right now. I hesitate to call February "great," but it was far better than any month last year. I'm coming away from this month knowing that if it didn't snow for a couple of days and if the month was just one more day long, I'd have 100 running miles.

I'm also keeping my Shamrock PR goal in mind, although this winter has been tough. I'm not stressing myself out about the race and will determine a race plan in another week or so.

Saw this near my house on a run early in the month.

So with all this said, here are some numbers from the past month:

  • 85 running miles. 165 for the year. A very nice start to the year.
  • 1.5 pounds lost. At one point I was at a little more, but lost some control mid-month. I've quickly turned that around though. I'm at 6.2┬ápounds lost for the year.
  • 12 biking miles. I question whether this was a little longer or a little shorter since they happened at 2 different gyms. I was hoping for a little more, but the weather prevented at least one gym trip.
  • 4 different types of weather. Clouds only; rain and snow; rain only; snow; sunny. I could say the same about the temperatures, ranging from mid-teens to nearly 70 (and everything else in between).
  • 5+ months old (23 weeks as of tomorrow). How is it that nearly a half year has passed since my second son was born? To put it in a running perspective, that's longer than a marathon training plan and that seems to take forever.