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Feel that temperature rising

And by that title I mean my temperature ... 101.4. My son had the flu at the end of last week, but by yesterday morning he was doing great and all signs of the flu were gone. In fact, after a pretty bad day Friday, he had a decent Saturday as his temperature got back to normal. Yesterday afternoon after a visit to my sister's house -- which included visiting my niece who also had the flu -- my throat started hurting. It was no big deal, until I woke up feeling like I had a bad whiskey hangover. It was the kind of headache that made me feel like I just had fillings in all my teeth. I certainly don't wish feeling like this on my worst enemies. (Not that I have any.) I've thought about going to the doctor, but they'll tell me what I'm already doing -- rest, lots of fluid, Tylenol, no licking car door handles in the neighborhood.

So as far as training goes, at least it's happening now three weeks into things. Everything will resume when I feel somewhat normal.