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Feeling free

Due to a family yard sale in Bedford, Va., I spent the night at my mother's house last night. My plan was to get up early this morning and just go out for a nice long run somewhere different. My goal was about 6 miles. Well, about a half mile into my run, my battery died on my Garmin Forerunner. I've become hooked on my GPS watch, so I immediately thought about just running Bedford's "loop" (click here for more details on the loop) and nothing more. What happened though was one of the most independent-feeling runs I've had a while and may be the start of something new. (You can click here for the route I took today.) In the end, the less-stressful run was surprisingly right at 6 miles.

I think runners often get too addicted to their watches and get too focused on their times and mileages, but it's soooo hard to break away from having a watch on. I'll be the first to admit to that. So maybe, just maybe, I'll start going out once a week without the watch and see where the path takes me. Like today, maybe I'll continue to be surprised at how great it feels.