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Final Shamrock thoughts

This week I've stayed away from a lot of conversations about running. I just want the weekend to get here. I want to hear the waves crash onto the shore. I want to get to the start line Sunday morning. For much of this winter I've felt like my thoughts have been jumbled up, like things haven't been clear. The thing is, I think I've been more focused on training and running than I ever have before -- any stress that may have caused along the way is my own undoing.

I've opted not to talk about my training all that much in the past couple of months. In a way it's been nice; I actually feel less pressure on Sunday to get the job done. I have my goals laid out and I don't want to talk much about them. I just have to get it done.

So, unlike I have in the past, my final pre-race thoughts are much like that past few months when it comes to putting words to them -- not much. I'm going to go enjoy my weekend, watch my son race, run the best half that I can do and, as always, have fun.