Finding the "hook"

It's kind of weird how running in the summer can become so ... I don't know ... boring? That might be the best word, for at least right now. Something just hasn't clicked right these past couple of summers. This past week, though, things seem to be turning around for me. I've had several runs that just felt good. Forget how slow I feel like I've become, I have felt great afterward. And tonight I logged another 5.1 miles and really just wanted to keep going. As I have crept my mileage up in the past couple of months, I am finding that I want to just keep going. I haven't had that feeling in a while. It's like I want every run to be a long run.

Running can be a love/hate relationship, but lately I've really felt kind of in limbo with things. I haven't hated running necessarily, although I haven't liked the hot days. But I certainly haven't loved it either. I think right now I'm just trying to enjoy it ... build that love slowly.

* * *

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