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First the fries, now the Coke?!?

Ignoring what might have happened on my birthday, my quest with giving up ice cream and french fries has gone well. This week comes something completely different -- it's all about the drink. No, I'm not giving up beer just yet -- although that'll come eventually for a short duration. Instead, I'm opting to give up soft drinks -- diet and regular.

I'm not really a big soft drink drinker. I'll have a Coke Zero or Diet Pepsi every once in a while. By no means am I addicted. In fact, I'm always shocked at how caffeine gets me going -- I drink coffee only once or twice a year. The challenge with this comes when visiting family or heading out to a summer party. I'm not really tempted by it -- it's just convenient to grab a glass and pour. Mix in some Captain Morgan rum and it's even better.

Living in the south, I won't give up sweet tea -- a man has to have some kind of pick-me-up every so often. There's just something about soft drinks, though, that disgust me sometimes and this is one of those weeks in which I'm ready to say "no more" for quite a while.

Workout since last post
June 26: Walk - 1.3; Bike - 5.1