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Flipping the switch

I have mentioned a few times that June 1 will be the official start for training for the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon. Is it really that easy to switch to the training mind frame. Yes ... it is.

While the first week or two probably won't be too drastically different from what I'm used to, once I flip the switch to training mode, there's something that changes both mentally and physically. When in training mode it's much easier to break into a routine. For example, I'll have tempo or interval days, a mid-week longer run, a much longer run on the weekends, etc., etc. Also when in training mode it's much easier to blog about my specific runs. Generally speaking, it's kind of boring to write about an easy run unless something strange happened. I find it much more interesting to discuss intervals, plus it helps me track my progress.

A couple of things that will be different with my blogging this summer vs. last summer during marathon training are my plans to track my weight and to make small lifestyle changes each week during training. Since the marathon, I've let my diet slip and losing weight is a must. I haven't gained any more than usual in the "off season," but it'll help me tremendously to drop a few pounds. My first weigh in will come this Friday.

Each week during my training, I plan to write about a lifestyle change that I will make that week -- or maybe made already -- and then stick with it through the race (and hopefully beyond). They'll be simple, like giving up french fries or adding certain foods to my diet. When I first lost weight in 2004, I made a lot of small changes that made a big difference and hopefully the same will happen this summer. When I was training for the marathon, I often felt I could eat whatever, and really I could, but something just feels different this year.

With this all being said, I have a few more days to do what feels right before flipping that switch. Just like last year's marathon training, I look forward to having you on my journey come June 1. I greatly appreciate all comments and suggestions along the way.