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Sometimes you have to take the road less traveled. You'll run into things like this.

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I'm at my brother-in-law's house in North Carolina this weekend, so I ventured around Asheboro after I saw some arrows on the road. I followed the arrows for a bit and came across a couple of mile markers. Apparently they're on the road for a race.

I'm glad I followed them, though. I was only going to run 3-4 miles, but it turned into 5.2 to get me past 20 miles for the week. It's the second time in three weeks getting to 20 miles (last week was very close with 19.6 miles).

I've been pushing myself a bit lately with getting out of the normal everyday runs. I hope last week's trail race, Thursday's mountain run and today are just the start of good things to come over the next few months. It's a lot of fun to do this, and having fun is what running needs to be about.