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FREE juice!

When I launched this site back in April, I promised to have some contests and giveaways, but unfortunately I haven't done too much of that beyond giving away an awesome book (Thanks Steve!) and a failed attempt at giving away an event T-shirt (Half of Jess and another Steve let me keep it, and I actually have worn it quite a bit). So fast forward to now ... I'm ready to do contest No. 3 -- a free case of POM Wonderful juice. Talk about some good stuff -- in addition to drinking it, it's good for cooking too. Even my 20-month-old son enjoys it.

So, how do you win it? Predict my time in Saturday's Percival's Island 5 Miler, being held along a flat paved trail in my almost-hometown of Lynchburg, Va. It's really that simple -- the person closest to my time to the nearest second over or under wins. If there happens to be a tie, the person under my time wins (kind of like "Price is Right"). If two people happen to predict the same time, I'll use to determine the winner.

To help you out, I'll give you some background to help predict the time. This is one of my favorite community races that I've done. The only problem is I haven't done this race in three years. Back in 2007, I finished in 36:59, a huge improvement from 2006, when I had a time of 41:07. 2007, just like this year, was full of PRs. I'm not really shooting for a PR though -- I'm really just continuing this test of how fast I can go in races and, right now, use them as speed work for marathon training.

The PRs I have set this year have come in the half marathon in March (1:42:52), the 5k in April (21:41) and the mile early this month (6:15). I'll save you some homework: plug all those numbers into race predicting calculators and the times range from about 36 minutes to just under 38 minutes for a 5 miler. Would I like to set a PR? Definitely. I'll see how I feel a couple of miles into it whether or not it's realistic. One huge factor will be the weather. Saturday looks to be muggy, but not all that bad temperature wise. Also keep in mind that I have to run hills all the time, and this race is very flat.

To enter this contest, simply leave a comment below by 9 p.m. (ET) Friday. If you do not want the case of POM, please do not enter. Predictions given over Facebook or Twitter will not be accepted. Please leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you're the winner.

Good luck!