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French fries anyone?

I’m a little past the 40 days to go mark, but October and the first 10 days of November are crucial weeks for me to get in tip-top shape for the marathon. So I thought I’d make a list of 40 things I don’t plan on eating until after Nov. 10 … or really ever again. Many of these things are things I don’t eat or drink anyway, but it makes me feel better to write it down. Like my blog’s subtitle says, it’ll help keep me held accountable.

So here goes: french fries, cupcakes, (most) ice cream, candy corn, McDonald’s quarter pounders, Burger King’s Whoppers, Wendy’s double cheeseburgers, fried shrimp, Papa John’s pizza (although I’m not ruling out pizza), Coke, Pepsi, Miller Lite, Bud Light (although I may have a dark beer or two), hot dogs, fudge, potato chips, doughnuts, chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken, twinkies (ahh, it’s been years), M&Ms, egg rolls, Snickers bars, hash browns from any fast-food place, milkshakes, fried chicken fingers, fried fish, Arby’s roast beef, chocolate pie, birthday cake, gravy, pepperoni, Long John Silver’s fish, IHOP’s stuffed french toast, gum with sugar, brownies, Combos, Cracker Jacks, Miller High Life, pork rinds (never actually had them), elephant ears.

When I first started this blog, I had hoped to discuss things about my weight, but never really have. Honestly, I haven’t worried about it too much this summer. However, this month I am focusing on my weight as I’d like to get to 175 or less by the time the marathon gets here. My 5-foot, 10-inch medium-build frame was at 180.8 this morning – 5 pounds lighter than when this training first began, and 5 away from where I want to be. When I first lost weight in 2004, 175 was my lowest ever, but that didn't last. I've basically maintained 180-185 since then. It seems for these big races I can get to 180 or slightly less, but then gain back a few pounds very quickly. It’s actually very tough losing weight when training for a marathon when you have to eat a lot to be able to maintain the energy. What I’ve lost has basically been from extra miles, but with less than six weeks to go, focusing on my diet is one of my top priorities.