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From a push-up low to a push-up high

In my last post, I talked about how bad the workout was that day in the 100 push-up challenge. Well, on Friday the drastic opposite happened. I felt strong and ready to take on the world. I was kind of amazed at how different I felt from just two days before. On Friday, my sets were 12, 13, 10, 10 and a max of 18. Today I performed an exhaustion test to determine which column to do for weeks 3 and 4. To put it simply, an exhaustion test is to do as many push-ups in a row as possible. I pulled out 25, so that keeps me in column 2, which has been good to me so far (minus one day).

It's almost hard for me to believe that I did 25 consecutive push-ups today. When I first started this a few weeks ago, I did 30 total for the workout. In a very short time, this program has given me an unbelievable feeling of strength that I haven't felt in a long time. Honestly, right now, it's hard to put into words.