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Gear check-up

A while back I mentioned trying on a pair of Brooks Ghost 3, but I never had a true follow-up. Brooks, running, Ghost 3Sometime soon after my post, Holabird Sports had a "Deal of the Day" featuring, you guessed it, the Ghost 3. With a coupon in hand, I snatched up a great deal. I've had several runs in the shoes now and really like them.

While it's too early to tell how they'll impact my overall training, it's been awesome so far having them in my rotation of two Brooks Ravenna.

I am very content with my shoe situation right now and continue to strongly urge people to rotate shoes. Mileage wise my two Ravennas are at 287 miles and 206 miles; my Ghost in their young life have 24 miles. With the rotation, I didn't plan to get two pairs of shoes over 200 miles at the same time, but they're both in good shape. I'll probably get 350 miles or so out of each pair while I mix in a third pair of Ravennas in another month or so.

I'm also always keeping my eye open for good deals as it's closeout season on many shoes.

* * *

Garmin, Road ID, runningA few weeks ago I was running along with Duke when all of a sudden my Garmin fell off. The band, which was starting to show a lot of wear, had completely broke.

It's an old watch that's been a lot of miles with me — I've had it close to 4 years, I think, and it was used before that. The band breaking was not a big deal, but it was two days before a race.

I would have been fine not racing with it and would have patiently waited for a new band to show up in the mail. After discussing this on Twitter, though, someone sent me this link that made perfect sense — use my Road ID as a band.

Well, duh! It works great and is one less thing to have to keep up with day to day. My only concern is having the pins exposed, but after a few weeks of running with it like this that worry is less and less with each run.