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Get me to the race on time

Virginia's winter has been pleasant. Despite that, I am so sick of up and down temperatures and wind that I don't know how I haven't managed to join a gym this winter. Despite it being 50 degrees this morning, there was a wind that just cut through what I was wearing. It's enough to question what the hell I am doing training for a race in the winter.

I'm starting to feel like that "My Fair Lady" song, "Get Me to the Church on Time." Just replace church with race. Ding dong! The bells are going to chime. I know in a little more than a week, I'll be pumped on race day. If it's 20 degrees like last year or 60 degrees, I'll be ready. But I'm tired of feeling cold and tired of putting on layers only to get hot 3 miles later. I'm tired of gaining weight in the winter no matter what I do. (Get me to the church ... get me to the church ...)

Maybe it's time to do something different and get my mind off these "big" races. Like adult league basketball, or get into playing tennis. Maybe I should join a gym to put miles on an elliptical machine. Or maybe I should shut up and sign up for a marathon after Shamrock. It is, afterall, what I did last year after having these same exact thoughts ... just get me to the church (race) on time ...