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Getting on track

I'm not sure when I'll get used to running at 6:15 a.m. It just doesn't seem normal to me.

Anyway, today's group workout was tough, but fortunately it was similar to workouts I did this past winter. And the weather was absolutely perfect. Upper 50s/low 60s, relatively low humidity - you couldn't ask for better weather in Virginia in early July.

So, here's the workout I did this morning on the track with a bunch of much faster and older moms that I now have much more respect for.
800: 3:24
800: 3:32
800: 3:26
400: 1:24
400: 1:31
800: 3:33
(each distance included a 400 recovery)

Including a warmup and cool down, I logged about 6 miles. We also did about 5 minutes of a "core" workout, something I plan to do much more of this summer. As far as effort is concerned, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say I gave a 7 on the 800s, a 10 on the first 400 and an 8 on the second 400.

I'm pleased that I can pace myself well enough to have my slowest and fastest times on the 800s be within 10 seconds. I can probably push myself a little harder, and that'll come with more experience. As far as the 400s are concerned, today I felt like I had the energy I usually do for a final kick. On the second 400, I was a bit tired and couldn't push it very hard down the last 100 meters, but I still had a good burst of energy.

So now comes a very quick recovery today (lots of water and a good night's sleep) for the Academy One Miler in downtown Lynchburg tomorrow. I have a goal of less than 7 minutes, but that will all depend on how this morning's workout affects me. It'll be my wife's first race, so I'm looking more forward to that than I am setting a PR.