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Getting specific

Percival's Island 5 Miler, LynchburgThis weekend I'm running in the Percival's Island 5 Miler in Lynchburg for the fourth time since 2006. This year the weather looks great with the forecast to be in the low 60s the night before with relatively low humidity. Last year turned into a big humid mess; the weather the first half of this week has been the worst of the year with heat indexes in the low 100s.

Why all this weather talk? Well, like last week's 5k PR, a change in the weather is all I need to change my mind frame. I'm also realizing that each time I run in the heat that battling the elements is just as much a mental fight as it is physical. I'm ready to move forward with setting a very specific goal for this race.

Based on recent runs on hills, the way I felt on this course last year, and some technological help, I'm setting a goal of 36:54. That's 5 seconds faster -- 1 second per mile -- than what I did four years ago. I think it's a realistic goal to set my mind to so I don't just go out and "see what happens." I've done that enough over the years, but I think it's time that I have a very specific goal for a race like this.

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