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Good, not great, but I'm OK

With this being American Health Month, my employer partnered with one of the local hospitals to provide a free heart health assessment, complete with a cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure check. It's been about five years since I've had much of that checked, so I was a bit nervous today with what my numbers might be. While the past few months have been fine with exercise, I admittedly haven't been the best eater. However, it turns out that things are going OK. My blood pressue is perfect. Hell, I was afraid being at work might make it spike. My bad cholesterol numbers are just fine -- well below 200. My good cholesterol, though, isn't so great. The nurse attributed that most likely to my diet and genetics since I'm getting plenty of exercise. I also have good news in that my glucose numbers are fine. And, lastly, my BMI is just a tad high, which I knew without having to be told. The nurse told me that it's nothing to worry about with my active lifestyle.

When I was talking to the nurse about what I do and how the past few months have been with a baby, I started sounding like someone I don't like -- I was listing a bunch of excuses for bad eating and not staying on track with exercising last year with injuries. Sure I couldn't run as much as I wanted, but I didn't join the gym until October.

So, the end of the story is pretty much what I already knew -- lose about 10 pounds and I'll be a healthy machine for many years to come.

Hello portion and lifestyle change that I made five years ago ... nice to see you again.