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Halfway to 10

These past four weeks have been all about getting back out there and feeling comfortable on my feet. I've hit the milestones of 3 and 4 miles, which seemed to come fairly easy. Earlier this week, it seemed 5 miles was a giant task I wasn't ready for, but sure enough, today I got in 5 miles.

Overall, things felt great. I felt like I could have put in another mile or so with the effort I was putting into it. Feeling like I could've done more is always a great feeling to have. Since I feel like I'm just building a base and not in official training mode yet, it's best not to push it yet.

Today marks 15 weeks to go to the half marathon. Getting another week in the teens is a good place to be right now. In two weeks, on June 1, I'll flip that switch in my mind into training mode and get focused on getting stronger, faster and lighter on the scale. Thirteen weeks is a good countdown to 13.1 miles. For now, all I ask for this coming week is another week like the past two -- consistent and pain-free.