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Happy Hour, blogging style

Today, it's about the little things: May It's the last day of the month, and I have nothing to say about May. NOTHING. If you care about how bad it was, click here to check out the Monthly Miles section of this blog. I'd rather just move on from this month.

Training 14 weeks until the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach. I have the first 5 weeks of my training plotted out. By the end of June I'll plot out another 4-5 weeks. In the past I found that plotting things out in increments made the training go a lot better. While my mind is always focused on the big picture for a race, it helps with reaching/beating goals along the way. And I can adjust my training as I see fit without feeling the pressure of sticking to one giant plan.

Shout-outs Andrew, over at Andrew is Getting Fit, just completed his first marathon in the cold New Zealand winter. While many of us in the U.S. are sweating our butts off, he got to run a marathon in the freezing cold. His race report is coming soon.

Michelle, over at Running Down A Dream, battled a broken toe among other things so far this year to complete the Brooklyn Half Marathon this weekend.

Lastly, Whitney, over at WhitSTYLES, began training for the Richmond Marathon this weekend.

I promise more shout-outs throughout the summer.

Thanks! I'd like to close this off by saying THANK YOU to everyone reading my blog. I haven't been the best blogger in the past two month, and at times I have felt a bit disconnected to the running world. It's time to get re-connected ... and to get back on the road again. I have a half marathon I need to get to ...